Our Independence Day Photo

America Reflects Me and You Flag Photo from TotalFitnessPhotography.comMake Fourth of July Your Birthday Too!

 It’s hot dogs on the grill for us. Juicy hamburgers. Mouth watering barbeque chicken, slightly blackened. And giant kettles of sweet yellow corn on the cob. That’s how I think of the Fourth of July.

Hot summer days spent lazily by the pool. Long forest walks with the kids as they explore this new and exciting world. The possibilities of summer always seem infinite, in stark contrast to the strict confines of winter.

So, on this Fourth of July celebration, I tend to think more of my own rebirth in summer. Every Fourth of July finds me celebrating my own independence, celebrating my own freedom in the summer fun while watching fireworks stream across the sky.

But I also think of those not so fortunate. Those that don’t have the opportunity or courage to pursue their own freedom.

For some, personal freedom has been denied through powerful government regimes. For those who choose to walk afoul of the law, prisons hold their fate.

But what I find most tragic, are the millions who deny their own freedom. Those who accept only what comes to them easily, whether good or bad, and accept that as their fate. Those who never pursue their own freedom of choice, whether for reasons of their own making or imagination, or circumstance.

I discovered through my own research many years ago the most wonderful gift given us at birth – the power to control our own mind.

No matter what outside forces, real or imagine, conspire against us, we are ultimately in control of how we choose to let that affect us. Legendary are the accounts of men and women who were stripped of everything yet came back to great success by simply embracing the power of their mind.

Especially here in America, where we are all so blessed to have freedom, no person should deny their own right to be free. To pursue what ultimately make them happy or gives service to those they love.

As we celebrate the birth of our nation on this Fourth of July we should also celebrate our own birth into the freedom that America  provides. And we should ask ourselves,  “Have we have grown up in that freedom? Have we really become all that we could be? Or Desire to be?”

Several years ago, as I approached the big FIVE-O I asked that question of myself. And I didn’t like the answer. After nearly a half-century of living I really didn’t feel that I was free. I hadn’t really pursued my own dreams.

So I set about changing that immediately. For me, I had always wanted to express my creative side through photography.

Let me tell you, it has been a most liberating experience. Especially now in that we are blessed with the simplicity of digital cameras. It just makes everything so much easier.

Not only has this pursuit led to enormous personal pleasure, but it has also connected me to a whole world of people, nice people, that I never knew existed

People like you

Photography was my re-birth into freedom.

I don’t know what your personal passion is. But I do know, that as we celebrate America’s birth into freedom, we should give serious consideration to our own freedom as well. Give it a bit of thought and decide if you are truly free. If your answer is no, remember that you alone have the power to change that. Seize control of your mind, and claim the gift given you at birth.

Make this Fourth of July your birthday too!

Your re-birth into freedom.

And nothing offers more freedom and adventure than to grab your camera and go off in search of the all beauty in this world. You’ll surely find it…if you look!

Robert Schwarztrauber

FitnessPhotoCourse.com can help you get started on a photo adventure that lasts a lifetime!


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