No Focus? Put Your Goggles On

My daughter said, “Watch me swim across the pool underwater dad!”

At 20 ft it’s a good challenge for an 11 year old. Twice she tried, but came up short each time.

“Why don’t you put your goggles on?” I said, “So you can see when you’re getting close.”

Sure enough, in her first attempt with goggles, she made it easily to the other side. That one simple tip made all the difference.

She would have thought nothing more of it, except her dad is always on the lookout for an opportunity to teach a life lesson.

“You see,” I told her, “when you can clearly see your goal, it’s much easier to give it that extra effort at the end. That’s what you need to succeed.”

So how are YOU doing on your goals? Can you see them clearly? Have you written them down?

Writing your goals is like putting your goggles on.

You wouldn’t think of taking a photo without seeing it clearly, without having it in focus, would you?

Please, don’t shortchange your goals. Start writing!

Robert Schwarztrauber


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