Perspective Power of Photography

Riddle me this: If you imagine that your subject, what you want to see or photograph, is in the center of a sphere, how many different views can you find?

Answer: If you consider that there are 360 degrees in each plane of the sphere, and each point on the sphere can be located by using a latitude and longitude coordinate, you could easily come up with 129,600 individual coordinates or points of view. (360 x 360)

So, 129,000 of us (really tiny people) could gather around one free floating 3 dimensional object, take a photograph, and none of those photos would be exactly the same.

Now imaging that your sphere could change in size. Imagine really that you could look from closer or farther away. You’d still have 129,000 points to look from, but there’s no telling how close or far away you could be. Your number of different views will then becomes infinite.

But wait!

Imagine now that we’re outside taking photos of this object. Since the sun, our light source is constantly moving, every single second, even if we never move our view changes with the changing light and shadow. And no two pictures, no two views would ever be  completely alike.

Knowing this, it’s easy to understand that the world WE  see is different from the world everyone else sees. Our perspective at any point in time is unique.

And we may not have the best view.

Fortunately, while most folks are walking around just looking at things in a surface way, we photographers have the ability to look and really SEE.

Our world is greatly enhanced because we understand that there ARE so many points of view and we look for the one that best expresses our subject at this point in time.

While the amateur takes a picture that records a moment in time as he sees it, photographers create a photograph composed of all the most expressive artistic values he or she can pull together from all the resources of subject, light, lens, camera, background and experience.

The amateur records. The photographer creates.

Because of that, the photographer  gets to experience a fuller, richer life than anyone else on the planet. We see so much more than those who sit on the sidelines, content with viewing only a fraction of the beauty and wonder in this amazing universe.

This year, resolve to shake it up, be creative and enhance your photography with all the tips and tools you can find.

See it, show the world YOUR world, as it’s never been seen before!

Robert Schwarztrauber

“Change Your Life in a Flash”  is a great way to get off the sidelines. Discover how to see and experience all the wonders of the world through new eyes. “Photographer’s” eyes.  This 90 minute audio CD program, narrated by yours truly, guides you to use photography to improve your life physically and mentally while showing you how to improve your technical photo taking abilities.


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