Whitney Houston: We Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston was one of the greatest voices of our time. That we must mourn the loss of such a talent, at such a young age, is tragic.

I’m just slightly older, with young children too. I cannot imagine how devastating it must be for her daughter.

We were all blessed to watch as she sang her songs and entertained us with her movie performances.

We are also fortunate that she leaves behind the recorded media that ensure her place in history.

Whitney Houston left behind a legacy in recorded song and film that generations to come can enjoy and appreciate. Her daughter will always have that audio and visual memory to find comfort in and admiration for.

Rest in peace Whitney. We thank you for sharing your talent so generously. We wish you everlasting peace and contentment in your rest. Something so illusive to you in your later years.

How about you?

While we mourn the loss of Whitney, and regret the years of substance abuse that denied us even greater enjoyment of her amazing talent, let us ask ourselves if we are operating at 100%.

Are you sharing your talent to the best of your ability?

What legacy will you leave behind?

If you are a photographer, you are blessed with the ability to leave your recorded images as witness to the beauty you found in this world. You can share you own unique perspective. You can show us where you went and what you saw.

You can share the smiles of people you loved and people who loved you. You can show us the happy times and the sad. You can record life’s timeline in your photographs.

We can go on enjoying your work even after you have left to join Whitney.

Please share whatever talents you have. Generously! Immediately.

The future is promised to no one. Each day is a gift. Use all the time you have to share whatever your gift, no matter how big or how small.

Live your life to the fullest. Waste not on elements or people that dull your existence.

Whatever talents you possess, they were meant for use. Not to be hidden or locked away behind the fear that leads to regret. Let your talent shine for all the world to see, and feel, and hear.

The Grammy Awards last night were packed with talent. Adele had the shining moment of her career and we were blessed to hear her sing again. She got a second chance after her vocal injury. Many don’t.

Give, create, help where ever you can. The world craves more beauty in whatever form you can can give it. Studies have shown we are happiest when we give.

You only go around once. But you may chose to leave us something to remember you by. What will your gift to us be?

What will be your legacy?

Robert Schwarztrauber


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