Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” Sets Record

Robert’s Fruit Still

This week, Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” sold at auction for $119.9 million dollars! For one pastel-on-board artwork. One.

Granted, this was the only one of 4 versions still in private hands, but really, $119.9 million dollars?

Obviously this represents more than just a pretty picture. The buyer is not buying art merely because he or she enjoys it’s beauty. There is a bit of status involved. Ego. “I have the only one and you don’t.”

Previously, the highest price paid at auction for artwork was $106.5 million for Picasso’s “Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust,” which was sold by Christie’s in 2010.

As for me, I find greater pleasure not in hoarding art, but sharing it.

I enjoy art, and like to surround myself with pictures that inspire, intrigue or just leave me amazed at the talent of the creator. Or Creator.

Fortunately, photography gives me the opportunity to create work myself from the beauty found in nature. Or everyday things like this fruit still shown above. Or from man-made structures.

In fact, photography also lets me hang artwork from Monet, Picasso and many more famous artist, in my home, for FREE!

It’s one of the many “hidden” benefits of photography I share in my book titled, “Profit, Power and Privilege: The Photographer’s 7 Secrets

While millionaires around the globe  strut their stuff in an attempt to outdo the others and claim the prize, I’ll be content to furnish my entire home with the talents of masters for less than these uber-wealthy socialites might spend on a single bottle of wine.

I’m a fan of art, not ego.

$119.9 million…for just one piece of art. Seriously!



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