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Angelina Jolie Knows the Power

September 1, 2011

Not a big screen star...but I'm happy!

Depression can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t care how famous you are, how rich you are, or whether the timing is convenient.

A recent Huffington Post article detailed how screen star Angelina Jolie found herself in the grip of depression after her mother passed away in 2007. When she found herself constantly dwelling on negative thoughts and slipping into a “dark place”, incapable of getting up in the morning, she knew she needed a fix. So she took the starring role in the stunt-packed movie “Wanted”.

Signing up for something that forced her to be active was just what the doctor would have ordered.

The article goes on to quote Carol Landau, Ph.D., iVillage wellness expert and clinical professor of psychiatry and medicine at Brown University’s Alpert Medical School in Providence, R.I. as saying, ” Distracting activities, especially physical activity, can be helpful (in breaking the pattern of ruminating about the loss).

While most of us can’t go make a multi-million dollar movie deal to get active, we can grab our camera and head out for a photo walk!

A nice relaxing photo walk combines the distraction of photography with the physical benefits of stress-free walking. When you add in the expectation and hope of finding something really cool, you have a prescription for effective, drug-free relief from your depression.

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