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Killer Chairs: Fall Solution

September 14, 2010

Autumn Leaves Save LivesHere’s a shocker…Could your chair be killing you?

There is a ton of research to support the idea that inactivity can lead to an early death. Our bodies are a dynamic machine and long periods of idle sitting just aren’t good for us.

Studies have shown that Americans, on average, spend more than half their waking hours sitting.

Dr. James A. Levine, MD, PhD, professor of medicine and director of the Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and co-author of the book “Move a Little, Lose a Lot” thinks our simple sitting habit might just be killing us.

Doctors all over are becoming aware of the serious health consequences associated with prolonged sitting and inactivity. It’s not just the obvious obesity, but also high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

As Dr. Levine states, “prolonged sitting stalls the metabolic machinery”. “Serious consequences result when the muscular body sits idle”.

The good news is, even just a little activity can accomplish a lot to raise your health levels.

What better way to get up and get moving than to grab your camera and catch a new view of this magnificent world we live in?

Here in WNY, there is a hint of Autumn in the air. Soon, the leaves will be putting on a show of fantastic color. Why not plan to
get out and see first hand the changing of the season? Choose a few favorite spots, or explore new ones. Take a drive out to the country or simply explore your local parks.

Whether you capture the beauty of a simple leaf up close or the cornucopia of color in the tree tops, each day bring a new view.
Get up. Get out. Move it or lose it.

Why sit idly by when there is so much beauty to capture with your camera?

Such a simple activity, packed with powerful result! One study even showed that just fidgeting while you sit increased energy expenditure by 10%.

One can see how photography can multiply our energy gains exponentially. You get up and move to take the photos then sit down and “fidget” with Photoshop to perfect them or create custom art. What a brilliant way to stay active, energized and ALIVE!

Photography might just be the perfect, all-around, every-age fitness solution!

Robert Schwarztrauber


Time for Life Changing Photography

September 10, 2008
Time for Change

Time for Change

It has changed the lives of millions over the years …now it’s your turn!

Remember, it’s not a drug. Not a pill of any kind or a nasty tasting liquid. It’s not an herb or potion or anything you have put in your mouth (or anywhere else inside your body for that matter).

Yet it has a proven chemical effect on the brain – stimulating the hypothalamus in our bodies to naturally produce more dopamine. In scientific studies, increased dopamine (a naturally produced hormone and neurotransmitter) has been linked to:

Increased Motivation – Gets you up and gets you going!
Increased Muscle Control – Hey, seniors…Anyone can do this!
(in fact dopamine depletion is the hallmark of Parkinson’s disease)
Increased Pleasure Sensation – You’ve earned a little fun time, right?
Increased Libido – When you feel good, well…
Increased Decision-Making Power – Clarity of thought returns!
Increased Sociability – Gets you out more, makin’ friends!

All the while you’re building new neuron pathways – as you learn and become more aware of the hidden beauty in the world around you and also as you learn and master more technical skills in photography.
Researcher are studying just how building new neuron pathways might ultimately help fend of the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease!

I know, I know! It’s amazing!

Now you know some of the secret reasons why millions of people love photography! I’ll bet even some long time photographers never thought about WHY they enjoy it so much.

Turns out…

Photography is like a drug!

…With no serious side effects!

Now it’s your turn. Digital technology has made it so much easier for everyone to get involved because these new automatic digital cameras give everyone a tremendous boost up in the quality of the pictures they take. (of course CAMERAS don’t take good pictures…PEOPLE do!)

Everyone can begin turning out photographs that will WOW! their friends by simply using a few of the tips outlined in my previous posts.

“Jump-start every day with an excitement and enthusiasm you haven’t experienced in years!”

Life takes on new meaning from the very moment you begin! The results are instantly gratifying. You’ll bolt out of bed, bursting with energy, bright and early each morning. Then, after launching your day with a healthy start, you’ll be able to sleep like a baby the following night. With no chemical side effects!

Mental focus improves – Dramatically! You’ll find yourself concentrating more on the happiest and most beautiful things in your world. Hours slip by – with not a single negative thought to bring you down. You’ll actually smile a lot.

Stress, nagging pains and ailments magically disappear! No thoughts of pain or discomfort. You’ll find you can bend, stretch and move like a hell bent kid on a playground. You’ll be amazed at how much your pain is caused by thinking about it. When you take your mind off your pain (or troubles) and FOCUS on something else intensely as you frame it in your viewfinder, magically your pain will disappear!

It’s the perfect spice for every interest! If you already have a hobby that gives your life meaning and keeps you busy, this can be the salt and pepper that really brings out the flavor of what it is you do. And a great way to share and show off your interests to friends, family, and dare I say, the buying public.

In my next post, we’ll look at how you can use photography to help pay for itself as well as your other hobbies.

Until then…Grab your camera and get out there!

It’s a fitness machine that helps you lose weight. It’s the “drug” of choice for feeling great with no side effects…it’s the cure for depression, anxiety, worry and pain, it’s your ticket to a life-changing adventure…

Now available without a prescription!

It’s your camera folks! It’s photography.

Be well!

PS: I’d love to hear your comments on how photography has made your life better – mentally, physically, financially. I’m doing research for a new book due out in October and I’d love to include your stories. If I use your story, of course I’ll give you a FREE copy of my book!

by Robert Schwarztrauber